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SIL LEVEL panels

Multiple Redundancy Turbine Control System

Multiple Redundancy Turbine Control System

Approx. Rs 15 Lakh / Piece(s)

We offer highly reliable type of high-end multiple redundancy turbo machinery control system which is currently an internationally leading technology.

· The multiple redundancy system covers all the way from the turbine inlet control valve and control valve servo drive mechanism to the computer data control system, which can guarantee that failures in any component of any servo loop in the turbine set do not affect the set’s normal operations.

· The traditional triple redundancy system does not take into account designing multiple redundancies for areas that are very failure prone during operations, such as regulating valve, control valve actuators, electro-hydraulic servo valves, and servo valve drive circuit.

· This is currently the most reliable control system scheme found in the turbo machinery industry. It is widely used in turbo-generator sets and turbine compressor sets designed for users with higher requirements for safe and stable operations.

· It is a turbine compressor control system and can better control and expand the capabilities of turbine compressors and their auxiliary equipment. This turbine compressor controller is widely used in metallurgy, air separation units (ASU), petrochemical, and chemical industries.


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SIL 3 Safety Instrumented System

SIL 3 Safety Instrumented System

Approx. Rs 20 Lakh / Piece

We offer the Safety Instrumented System (SIS) for industry automation safety applications, which has obtained the SIL3 certification from TÜV Rheinland, and is compliant with requirements under the IEC61508/IEC61511/IEC50156-1 standards.

· This system can be applied to projects requiring very stringent safety requirements up to the SIL3 level.

· This system adopts 2-out-of-3 Diagnostics (2oo3D), applicable for

Ø Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD),

Ø Fire & Gas Systems (FGS),

Ø Burner Management Systems (BMS),

Ø Emergency Trip Systems (ETS),

Ø Process Shutdown Systems (PSD),

Ø and Key Process Control applications.

Key characteristics of system:

• Three-redundancy diagnostic system framework (2oo3D), with a downgrade model of 3-2-0.

• A single IO module can satisfy SIL3 requirements, and the IO module can be configured for redundancy to improve usability.

• A single system configured to be the master device can respond in less than 30ms.

• The PFDAV accounts for less than 10% of the safety circuit, which facilitates the user’s selection of sensors and actuators.

• The proof test interval may be up to 15 years, reducing the user’s maintenance and management costs.

• SOE accuracy can reach 1ms.

• Can be seamlessly integrated with the other DCS system.

• Safety circuit usability can reach 99.999%.

• 1 1 redundancy power supply.


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DCS System

DCS System

Approx. Rs 25 Lakh / Piece(s)

We offer a robust DCS System based on industrial Ethernet and PROFIBUS-DP fieldbus structure, with integration being based on the HART standard protocol's HAMS to centralise the on-site management of intelligent instruments.

It is able to easily integrate systems such as SIS, PLC, MES, and ERP, enabling seamless data communication between on-site intelligent instrument equipment, control system, and the ERP, creating a centrally controlled smart factory.


Full redundancy:System network, control network, controller, power modules, and I/O modules can be configured for redundancy, and do not have single-point faults.

Multiple isolations: Fiber-optic isolation is used between the system bus and modules; electric isolation is used between modules, and power isolation between site power supply and the system power supply.

Reliable design: The system is designed to be hardy in harsh industrial environments, equipped with anti-electromagnetic interference device that is compliant with IEC61000, and corrosion resistance that satisfies the G3 requirements under the ISA S71.04 standards.

Safety network: A reliable real-time Ethernet is used for the system’s network that is equipped with firewall-equipped switches. A PowerPC structured industrial chip that is inbuilt with anti-network storm components is used for the controller CPU.

Extensive diagnostics: The controller and I/O module is equipped with smart diagnostic units, and each module is capable of complete self-diagnosis and failure reporting for failure and statuses such as communication status, signal disconnection, short circuit, and over range.

Highly reliable design concept: Many safety system designs and concepts were adopted to make the system more reliable, such as determining signal quality bits, failure-oriented safety, and checksum of all data transmitted.

Flexible and open


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Batch Control System

Batch Control System

Approx. Rs 1.5 Lakh / Piece(s)

We offer a very effiecient & reliable Batch Control system which has strong functions and fully meets the needs of distributed production process.

The advantages of our batch control system are:

• Design in line with S88 standards.

• Seamless connect to DCS system.

• Strong and stable database.

• Convenient to configure and user-friendly interface.

• Senior analysis and query functions.

• Reliable, flexible and open system.


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SIL 2 Urban Rail Automation System

Approx. Rs 22 Lakh / Piece(s)

We offer State of the Art products for urban railways as following:

Communication Based Train Control (CBTC)

Vehicle On Board Controller: Automatic Train Protection & Automatic Train Operation (VOBC:ATP ATO)


Zone Controller (ZC)


Computer Based Interlocking (CBI)


Automatic Train Supervision (ATS)


Integrated Supervisory Control System (ISCS)

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System)

EN50128 SIL2 Compliance

Stray Current Monitoring System (SCMS)

Stray current monitoring device PM321-A

Applicable to Subway and Light Rail

Drainage cabinet controller PM326-A

Intelligent drainage cabinet TM2001


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Advanced Safety Controller

Advanced Safety Controller

Approx. Rs 15 Lakh / Piece(s)

We offer the Highly advanced Safety Controller which is approved for SIL-1 to SIL-3 applications. It can be used as a stand-alone safety controller, as a distributed control system for critical applications, or both functions can be combined into a single 3000 controller.

This Safety Controller uses voting routines to ensure the process is protected and - equally important - the 99.9999% (6 NINES) availability insures that expensive downtime is eliminated. I/O redundancy can be achieved on a point-by-point basis.

The integrity and availability of each input and output device can be configured as required by the application.



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