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Hydro Power Plant Automation

Hydro Turbine Solutions

Hydro Turbine Solutions

Approx. Rs 15 Lakh / Piece(s)

We, Control Electric are Authorised system integrators of GE in India who specialize in providing automation solutions for Power plant.

We help in monitoring the various critical parameters of hydro turbine.

· start sequence

· stop sequence

· jacking oil system

· oil pump system

· turbine system

· temperature scanner

· alarms & trips

· reporting

· trending

· plant overview

· cooling water system

· ltac dcdb

· fault analysis

· power factor

· generator frquency

· grid frquency

· generator reactive power

· generator power

· grid voltage

· excitation voltage

· average voltage of all 3-phase

· r-phase current-ia

· y-phase current-ib

· b-phase current-ic

· 3-phase power factor

· power

· 3-phase va

· 3-phase reactive power

· mega watt hour

· generator vn 31st harmonics voltage





Additional Information:

Dam Gate Automation

Dam Gate Automation

Approx. Rs 3.5 Lakh / Piece(s)


• Provision of indication of Gate Position of all Gates in the Remote Control Room

• Provision of Graphical Visualizations for Gates

• Provision for Trends for Gate openings for Gates

• Provision of water level for both the banks

• Provision of Graphical Visualizations for Water Level

• Provision for Trends for Water Level for both the Banks

FEATURES of Automatic Dam Control System:

• New and efficient complex control method based on the integration of classical proportional-derivative controller and artificial intelligence controller for real-time operation of spillway gates of a reservoir.

• Artificial intelligence based automatic system to maintain the water level in dam reservoir by opening and closing the gates of the dam by itself.

• A dynamic algorithm for water inflow and level estimation based on remote measurements (suitable for any dam.) to give advance warning for floods

• Self diagnostic –automatic fault detection system

We have sites in Ranjit Sagar Dam, Punjab, Nepal, Vietnam.

Additional Information:

Rooftop Solar Power Plant

Rooftop Solar Power Plant

Approx. Rs 70,000 / Kilowatt

We offer a complete Rooftop Solar Power Plant solutionas per the requirement of the client. These are power systems energized by photovoltaic panels which are connected to the utility grid. Grid-connected photovoltaic power systems consist of photovoltaic panels, MPPT, solar inverters, power conditioning units and grid connection equipment.


Additional Information:

Dam Reservoir Level Control Over OFC

Dam Reservoir Level Control Over OFC

Approx. Rs 2 Lakh / Piece(s)

We design & manufacture PLC Panel For Hydro Power Plant Control Over OFC

System Architecture:-

Control Features:-

Display Features:-

Additional Information:

Hydro Turbine SCADA

Approx. Rs 1.5 Lakh / Piece(s)

We design & supply PLC Panel For Hydro Power Plant With SCADA

System Architecture:-

Control Features on SCADA:-

Display Features:-

Data Logging Features:-


Report Printing:-

Additional Information:

Turbine Synchronization Panel

Turbine Synchronization Panel

Approx. Rs 7 Lakh / Piece

We are a 20 year old ISO 9001-2008 certified & CPRI approved manufacturing company for a wide variety of Control panels.

We design & manufacture a wide variety of Hydro Turbine Synchronising and Governer Panels as per the specifications of the client.

In addition we specialize in providing a vast variety of Automation Solutions across the Industry as we are an Authorised System Integrator of GEIP-India.


Ø Hydro turbine generator controller for fully automated operation

Ø Control of the system’s valves, pressures, bearings, speed etc.

Ø Remote access via TCP/IP


• Start/Stop turbine

• Synchronising

• Speed control

• Power control with ramp function

• Water level control

• AVR and CosPhi control

• Control of up to 6 speed control valves

• Main valve control

• Mains protection

• Advanced generator protection

• Built-in trending functionality

• Logbooks with more than 200 entries each

• Peak shaving

• 4 pulse counters (eg. kWh counter)

• Communication to www

Additional Information:

Submersible Type Hydro Water Level Solution

Submersible Type Hydro Water Level Solution

Approx. Rs 85,000 / Piece

We provide solution for monitoring Water Level in Hydro Power Reservoir. We supply Submersible Type of Level Sensing Solution with a Local Display with Communication and / Or 4-20mA Output.

We specialise in providing a vast variety of Automation Solutions for Hydro Power Plant Industry as we are an Authorized System Integrator of GEIP-India.

We are using highly accurate Level Sensing equipment & with the help of a PLC we can view water levels on a SCADA screen.

PU Vented Cable can be provided as an Option.

Bulk / OEM Discounts available. Prices indicative and will vary depending on detailed specification.

Additional Information:

Hydro Turbine Plant Automation

Hydro Turbine Plant Automation

Approx. Rs 20 Lakh / Piece(s)


System Architecture:-

· Control room.

· LT panel room.

· 33 KV switch yard.

· 2 nos. Frances turbine units.

· Remote terminal connectivity on IEC-60870-5-101.

· PLC panel connected with switch yard, LT panels and all field instruments.

Control features on SCADA:-

· HT feeders on on/of control.

· Generator breakers on/off control.

· Isolator on/off control.

· Turbine auto start/stop control.

· Load raise/ load lower control.

· Remote terminal control on units.

Display features:-

· On/off status for all incomers and outgoing feeders.

· Tripping status for all incomers and outgoing feeders.

· Tripping status for all protection relays.

· Charged bus bar status.

· Voltage, current, KWH, HZ, KW, Kvar display for all feeders.

· Units tripping status.

· Turbine parameters display.

· OPU parameters display.

· Switch yard parameters display.

Data logging features:-

· Time base data logging facility.

· Shift wise data logging.

· Event data logging.

· Alarm data logging.

· Turbine running hour data logging.

· Turbine, generator, transformer and bus bar temperature data logging.


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