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Multiloop Controller

Modular Controller

Modular Controller

Approx. Rs 85,000 / Piece(s)

Product Overview:-

Additional Information:

Enhanced Modular Controller Series Master

Enhanced Modular Controller Series Master

Approx. Rs 97,000 / Piece(s)

We offer the Modular controller series offers a cost effective solution to integrating multi- zone PID control, data acquisition and I/O into your PC, DCS or PLC control system. You can drag and drop controller data to PLC registers in seconds using point-and-click data mapping from an extensive menu of built-in serial and Ethernet drivers. No tedious PLC code to write.


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Advance Energy Meter

Advance Energy Meter

Approx. Rs 25,000 / Piece


· True RMS

· Auto-scaling, Auto-scrolling

· Average and phase information

· Four digit resolution

· Universal Auxiliary sup[ply 80 - 300 VAC/DC

· Compact sizes 96 x 96 x 50 mm

· Optional optically isolated RS 485/ RS 232 serial Interface

· User programmable password protection

· Accuracy class 1.0 IEC 61036 / CBIP 88 (0.5, 0.2 option)

· Simultaneous sampling of Volts & Amps

· Clearance and Creepage distance meets safety standard

· Field programmable Star (Wye) or Delta or single phase configuration

· Available in 3 row and 4 row displays

· Optional programmable Relay output (upto 2) for any threshold V, A, Hz, Phase missing. Programmable tripping time upto 99 sec. with Hysteresis of 1%


Additional Information:

Modular Controller Module

Modular Controller Module

Approx. Rs 97,000 / Piece(s)

We offer a wide range of I/O modules are available for use with the Modular Controller Master.

· The master uses a proprietary high speed serial protocol to communicate, via backplane connection, with up to 16 slave modules. Through the same connection, the Master also provides power to the modules.

· When powered up, the CSMSTR automatically identifies and addresses connected slave modules. By storing the configuration information of all of the modules, the CSMSTR is able to automatically configure modules if they are replaced.


Additional Information:

PID Temperature Controllers

PID Temperature Controllers

We offer you the Red Lion's series of PID controllers which accept signals from a variety of temperature sensors (thermocouple or RTD sensors), while the P48 controllers accept either a 0 to 10 VDC or 4 to 20 mA DC process signals. Both of these 1/16 DIN controllers precisely display process values, and provide an accurate output control signal (time proportional or linear DC). The controllers offer comprehensive programming options and NEMA 4X/IP65 front panel protection which allows them to meet a wide variety of application requirements.

Optional alarms can be configured to activate according to a variety of actions (absolute high or low, deviation high or low, band in or out, and heater current break) with adjustable hysteresis. A standby feature suppresses the alarm during power-up until the process stabilizes outside the alarm region. Optional main linear DC output (10 V and 20 mA) can be used for control or retransmission purposes. Programmable output update time reduces valve or actuator activity and can be scaled independent of the input range. Optional second linear DC output (10 V or 20 mA) provides an independent process retransmission, while the main linear DC output is being used for control. The output range can be scaled independently of the input range. The T48 optional heater current monitor provides a direct readout of process heater current and can be associated to an alarm to signal prior to heater failure.

Remote Communications:
A remote setpoint input (4 to 20 mA) allows for cascade control loops, where tighter control quality is required; and allows for remotely driven setpoint signals from computers or other similar equipment. Straight forward end point scaling with independent filtering and local/remote transfer options expand the controller’s flexibility. The optional RS-485 serial communication interface provides two-way communication between a controller and other compatible equipment such as PLC, HMI, printer, or host computer. In multipoint applications (up to 32), the address number of each controller on the line can be programmed from 0 to 99. Data from the controller can be interrogated or changed, and alarm outputs may be reset by sending the proper command code via serial communications. Crimson® software allows for easy configuration of controller parameters. These settings can be saved for later use or used for multi-controller down loading.

Additional Information:

Digital Temperature Controllers

Digital Temperature Controllers

Approx. Rs 56,000 / Piece(s)

This Product is brought to you from Redlion of USA.
We are Authorised System Integrater of Redlion.

Product Features:-

Additional Information:

Rugged Industrial Ethernet Switch

Rugged Industrial Ethernet Switch

Approx. Rs 69,000 / Piece


Additional Information:

RMC Controller

RMC Controller

Approx. Rs 55,000 / Piece(s)


Programmable Platform

· Event Engine with up to 99 configurable events

· Software Development Kit (SDK)

· C/C /Perl

Protocol Gateway

· I/O controller


· DNP3 - slave


· IPsec and SSL


· NAT, port forwarding, dynamic DNS, DHCP

· Stateful inspection firewall, IP transparency

Ethernet Interface (10/100 Auto-Sensing)

· 5x RJ45 (port 5 - WAN/LAN capability)

Serial Interface

· 1x RS-232 Serial DB9 115200bps

USB Interface

· 1x USB 2.0 mini


· RAM®-6x21 dimensions: steel 120 x 96 x 51 mm (4.7” x 3.77” x 2.0”)

· RAM-6x21 weight: 500g (1.1 lbs)

Power Input

· 8-30 Vdc (12 Vdc nominal)


· Operating temperature: -40° to 75°C

· Shock: IEC60068-2-27

· Vibration: IEC60068-2-6

· Humidity: 5 to 95% non-condensing


· CE, EMC: FCC, part 15 and Industry Canada, ICES-003

· Hazardous locations: Class I, Div. 2, Groups A, B, C, D, ISA 12.12.01

· Electrical safety: UL508/CSA22.2/14 (CUL)

· Carrier specific approvals

Inputs & Outputs

· 1x digital output

· 1x digital/analog input


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